Steller Solutions was founded as an independent consulting company focused on helping companies improve their work flow and their IT architecture. Our consultants have worked in large and small IT companies as well as functional areas within corporations. This experience provides a valuable and efficient methodology to understand and document current states - and to make proper recommendations on future states. 

Our Story

After working many years in both billion dollar corporations and million dollar start ups Ed Mosteller realized there are many companies in need of help. As they grow or merge their systems and infrastructure have gotten more complex and less efficient. The best way to improve upon this is an independent review and recommendations - removing internal and vendor bias from the equation.


Ed's background includes systems analysis, end user management, and technology sales and support with IBM. In addition Ed was a national professional services and systems engineering director at Lexmark International. Switching gears he learned the start up business by heading up the US enterprise for NewField IT that was sold to Xerox, and then running operations for R-Squared which was sold to IMS Health. Ed thoroughly enjoys problem solving and seeing clients gain value from his recommendations.