Services Overview

Steller Solutions uses real world experience to provide consulting services to your company. We have sold and supported IT solutions in both large and small vendors, and ran departments and divisions utilizing those solutions. As an independent consultant there is no preferential solution, just the best fit for your company.

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Workflow Analysis

Steller Solutions uses a multi step methodology. Initial stage is to meet with appropriate functional areas to identify areas of pain. The second stage involves interviews and observation of the identified areas of issue. The current process will be documented in detail - this will be the actual flow, not what may be documented already. Analysis will be made on bottlenecks and quality issues with recommendations on how to improve this process.

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IT Assessments

The best way to move forward is to have a thorough understanding of your current state architecture. Steller Solutions will use tried and true techniques to document your current infrastructure and uncover the hidden assets that affect your company. Using this baseline we can provide independent future state recommendations or provide input to a companies RFP process.

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Assessment Training

IT dealers often lead their marketing efforts by offering assessments. This is an effective strategy but often lacking in execution. Based on our experience Steller Solutions will provide training on performing assessments. This training can be virtual but ideally in person with real world examples.